Product Evaluation Essay: Example Student Essay- 2012 Workshop

(Sample Provided for 2012 Composition Symposium)

Searching For the Perfect Pair

            Beginning my freshman year in high school, it has been five years since I started running track. I am now running track at Stephen F. Austin State University as a walk-on and it literally consumes every inch of space of my daily life. Everything I do is in reference to track and field such as the food I eat, the grades I make in school, my daily activities and decisions, and even the products that I purchase. On a day to day basis, I practice for three to four hours and I compete just about every weekend. Because of this excessive running, my current pair of spikes are becoming old and worn out and I will soon have to purchase a new and reliable pair.

Spikes, or track shoes, are designed for track runners during training and competition. When worn, they help increase traction and it minimizes the chances of slipping on the track. Those two reasons are why spikes are more effective during a race or workout instead of running shoes. While browsing the Internet, I came across two very appealing pairs of spikes: the Nike Zoom MD Rival 6 and Asics Hyper Rocketgirl 5. I searched for the most trusted brands that offered affordable, appealing, and also lightweight spikes.  In order to determine which pair of spikes is best for me, I will evaluate the price, weight, color and appearance, and brand of my two options.

The price of the spikes is an important factor because as a college student without a job, I do not have a great deal of money to spend on one object. So finding the most affordable pair is very significant. To begin the comparison, while browsing the sites I was able to compare the prices of the two pairs of spikes from their websites. The pair of Nike spikes cost $65 while the Asics spikes cost $60, which is a very cheap price for spikes of both brands. Seeing as how the difference of the two pairs is not too significant, it would be a tie and no product would win the price evaluation. As a result, I would have to rely on the evaluation of the other criterions to make my final decision on which pair I would purchase.

Another important factor in buying a pair of spikes would be the weight. The weight of the spikes is important to me because no track runner would want to perform in a heavy pair of spikes. They would already be fatigued from the race and would not need anything else to weigh them down and make them more tired than they already are. On the product information sheet of the Nike spikes, it claimed them to have “an ultra-lightweight fit, with an aerodynamic profile”. Similarly, the Asics spikes were stated to have “a lightweight comfort”. Because neither of the spikes’ product information sheets provided an actual weight of their product I would most likely have to order both of them and see how well they fit to continue further evaluation. If not, neither of the spikes would win the weight evaluation.

The next criterion used to help me pick the pair of spikes I want would be the color and appearance of the two pairs of spikes. The color and appearance of the spikes are important because I would like for them to be appealing. No one would want to wear something that was not pretty. I would also like them to have my favorite color (green) in them or a color that matches my dark purple and black track uniform. The pair of Nike spikes is only available in white-pink- burnt turquoise, which would slightly match my uniform because majority of the spike is white. The pair of Asics is available in black-violet-lime green, white-fuchsia-apple green, and white-periblue-cherry. Since the Asics have two versions of the spikes that incorporated my favorite color and all of them would match my track uniform, I would choose the Asics over the pair of Nike.

Lastly, the most important factor, in my opinion, in picking a pair of spikes is the brand or company that makes it. This criterion is important to me because I want them to be made by a trusted company that has a great amount of credibility and experience. In the past, I have always clung to the Nike brand when buying any type of athletic gear because their products are not only appealing and affordable, but they are reliable and last long. On the other hand, Asics is a trusted and well-known brand for sports gear, and has also been around longer than the Nike brand has been. Despite Asics being an older company, I would choose Nike because in the past it is the main brand that I have purchased and more people wear Nike than the people that wear Asics.

Based on the color and appearance of the spikes I would more than likely choose the pair of Asics, but if my choice was based on the brand I would choose the pair of Nike. Due to the fact that the pairs of spikes tied out in my evaluation I would not be able to choose the spikes that are best suited for me. Until I could actually go to a sport store and try them on to see their lightweight fit I would not be able to make a decision, and would have to continue to wear the old and worn out pair that I currently own.