Prezi in the Composition Class Room- 2012 Workshop

Presenter: Aaron Milstead

An Overview of Prezi

Prezi is a great web-based Flash application that lets you put together fluid presentations easily on a single canvas.  Prezi allows you to create non-linear presentations that let you engage with the audience a lot more than perhaps with the usual traditional slides.  Once you have grasped the way Prezi works, the application makes it easy to insert all sorts of objects into your presentation, text, images, videos etc and manipulate these with ease.

  • Prezi now has over 10 million users.
  • The Prezi website offers great manuals and tutorials online as well as examples showing what can be done with Prezi.
  • A great advantage of Prezi is that it allows you to collaborate with any number of people when putting the presentation together.
  • Prezi is now free with all of the core features and up to 100mb of space. For those with an edu account you have the additional options of making your Prezis private and you have up to 500mb of space.
  • All Prezis can be downloaded and can be stored on your computer as well as having the ability to embed your presentations into your website or blog.
  • Prezi recently released an easy import for Power Point slides. Got a hard drive of old slides you just can’t throw away? Recycle them instead. With the release of PowerPoint Import, you can transform your slides into a Prezi with just a few clicks.
  • Prezis can be shown on IPads.
  • Prezis can be saved on flash drives.


Prezi in the classroom

Watch the Prezi called Ideas About Using Prezi As a Teaching Tool; it discusses ideas and reflections on the effective use of Prezi to support whole class teaching.

  •  PreziU is a website that allows instructors from PreK all the way to the University level to share articles and Prezis.
  • There are thousands of existing Prezis about seemingly any subject and a vast supply of teaching tools already available through Prezi and PreziU.
  • On most public Prezis you can modify the information to suit your specific needs.
  • Stockpiling Prezis can be very helpful in the event of a substitute teacher or for rough days.
  • Assignments and Rubrics can easily be posted online for students.

 Prezi in the classroom-how do you use it?

Tweets from instructors who use Prezi:

Viktor Vojtko “I use it for my university lectures – both oral and online presentations. I really like the  possibility to include            mind maps, concept maps or any other form of diagram. Also the multi-level approach is great. And PowerPoint files can be imported easily when converted to pdf, so I can use parts of my older presentations.

I really like it. And it is infectious … my colleagues start to use it too :-)”


Frederic Megret “Hi all, I’m a law prof at McGill University in Montreal, and I have now been using prezi    in class for a week. The impact has been immediate and striking. Lawyers typically rely on a lot of info and sources in class, but not all of which turns out to be useful. I use prezi as a big brainmap, and am in fact planning on having only one, ever expanding prezi for the whole term. The prezi allows me to explore the class content with students by association of ideas rather than through a given path. It is, in other words, nothing short of revolutionary. I will blog on this soon at”


Dan Froelich “As an instructional technology professional development coordinator for the state of North Carolina, I find that far too many teachers use linear presentation tools to teach. They often lead to low levels of student participation, and more importantly, little learning. Prezi should be used as a tool to change the way information is presented as well as change the way students create new content. I have shared this resource with teachers across the state and had great success in making that change. Keep up the good work Prezi…can’t wait to see an educator’s pricing plan. ”


Prezis for student use

I incorporate at least one assignment per semester that involves the students creating a Prezi (either individually or in a group setting). The advantages or this assignment are numerous. Searching for proper sources and forcing them to logically construct a       presentation helps them learn the material more effectively. In addition the process of evaluating which information is most relevant seems to improve both their note taking and ability to assimilate lectures. In the sense of group work it allows them to individually construct portions of the Prezi and then they can collectively put it together. Oftentimes this “whole” is greater than the sum of the parts.