Fairy Tale Synthesis Peer Review

once upon a time

Synthesis Essay Peer Review


Writer:____________________                   Reviewer:____________________________


Does the writer have a draft?         Y or N



Are all authors and sources introduced? Y or N

Is a brief summary of each source provided? Y or N

Is a clearly stated thesis provided? Y or N










Does each paragraph have a topic sentence? Y or N

In each paragraph, is there evidence from all three sources to support the topic? Y or N

Is each paragraph coherent and logical in order of information? Y or N

Is the “path” of the paper clear? Y or N

Do all topics tie back to the thesis of the paper? Y or N










Does the writer provide a memorable and concise conclusion? Y or N

Does the writer do more than merely restate the thesis?  Y or N








Style and Structure:

Does the essay flow from sentence to sentence? Y or N

Does the essay flow from paragraph to paragraph? Y or N

Does the writer need to add in transitions? Y or N

Did you circle yes for every answer without paying attention to the question? Y or N

Is the tone on an academic level (check specific words and sentence structures)? Y or N









Has the writer provided adequate information to introduce the quote (think quote sandwich)? Y or N

Were there any points that mad you ask, “Whose thought is this?”? Y or N




Has the author provided in-text citations for paraphrasing, and quotations? Y or N

Are the citations correct? Y or N

Is a Works Cited page provided? Y or N

Is the Works Cited page correct? Y or N

Is the essay at least 5 full pages? Y or N

Is the heading correct? Y or N

Are there page numbers? Y or N

Is the spacing correct? Y or N

Is there a title other than “Synthesis Essay”? Y or N



Grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.

Has the author avoided using first or second person? Y or N

Are there fragments or run-ons? Y or N

Are there comma splices? Y or N

Are capitalization been used correctly? Y or N

Are there spelling errors? Y or N

Are there any problems with Subject/ Verb agreement? Y or T

Are there any verb tense problems? Y or N


Overall, how well do you think this writer did?