Teaching Writing in College

by Elizabeth Tasker Davis

Freshman composition courses serve as the point of first contact in instructing and assessing college writers. In addition, college instructors across the disciplines share the challenge of helping students improve their writing skills throughout the college experience.  Starting with freshman and moving through all levels of undergraduate and graduate study, writing is an ongoing, core educational practice essential to developing critical thinking and communication skills necessary to support students  in their professional futures.

The following links provide guidelines and resources to aid college instructors across the disciplines, as well as freshman composition instructors, in developing effective writing assignments and related materials.  Please browse, borrow, and modify for your own classroom as you see fit.

Guidelines for Instructors across the Disciplines

Guidelines for Freshman Composition Instructors

In addition, the national Council of Writing Program Administrators has established a Framework for Success in Teaching Post Secondary Writing.  Drafted in 2011, the framework focuses on “the rhetorical and twenty-first-century skills as well as habits of mind and experiences that are critical for college success.”